Monday, October 7, 2019

DWSP sponsors Watch For Me NC advertisement at a/perture cinema

The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership is sponsoring one of the many local advertising efforts as part of the statewide "Watch for Me" campaign.  Here is a link to the website -

This will be on the screen prior to movies at a/perture cinema from Mid-October thru Mid-December
This campaign is aimed at improving pedestrian safety in the State of North Carolina.  In an October 5, 2019 Winston-Salem Journal article written by Lee O. Sanderlin, it highlights our local statistics -

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New and Improved Pedestrian Crossing installed at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive & Trade Street

New Pedestrian Crossing Improvements have been installed at the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and Trade Street.  These improvements were done as a part of the Salem Parkway (Business 40) project by the NCDOT.

Looking North from the East side of the intersection.  New pedestrian "Push to Walk" buttons have been installed.  

On the west side of Trade Street adjacent to the Big Winston Warehouse, the pedestrian crosswalk has been repainted.

Looking West on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive you can see the raised median that has been installed in both directions.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

6th/Cherry-Trade Municipal Parking Deck given some new upgrades

The 6th/Cherry-Trade Municipal Parking Deck in downtown Winston-Salem has recently undergone some new improvements to make it more attractive as a parking alternative in downtown Winston-Salem.  With a budget of $300,000, the city did extensive power washing and painting in the interior of the parking garage.  Additionally each level of the deck was given a distinctive paint scheme to assist with visitor recognition of where they left their car.  Another important improvement was removing all of the old high pressure sodium lights with brand new LED lighting technology which is not only more efficient, but will also add to the brightness of the lighting levels in the parking deck.   Finally, new security cameras and transparent entrance doors were installed throughout the parking garage.

The improvements were funded equally by the City of Winston-Salem's Parking Enterprise Fund and the Downtown Winston-Salem Business Improvement District.  With the increasing visitor traffic coming to downtown Winston-Salem, this municipal parking deck is increasingly being utilized as a parking resource.  These aesthetic and safety improvements along with the $2 flat rate for evening and weekend parking makes this a great option due to its central location in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem.  

6th/Cherry Trade Parking Deck at the NE Corner of 6th and Cherry is in close proximity to the Benton Convention Center as well as the Downtown Arts District

Each of the 5 Levels of the Parking Garage has its own unique color scheme for visitor recognition of where they parked their vehicle

New LED Lighting has replaced all of the old high pressure sodium lights throughout the parking garage.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Thiel at the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership at (336) 354-1500 or Rodd Ring at the City of Winston-Salem at (336) 747-6990.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Podcast Interview with Dixon Douglas Owner of CycleBar Winston-Salem

I had the opportunity to interview Dixon Douglas, owner of CycleBar Winston-Salem last week.  Click on the logo below to hear the full podcast interview.  

 Click on link to hear the podcast

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Merschel Plaza Vision Concept shared today at the DWSP Annual Meeting Today

I want to thank all of you who were able to attend the DWSP Annual Meeting today.  We had the opportunity to provide an update on Merschel Plaza.  We shared the video below as an update.

Also can be viewed on You Tube at

Helpful Graphic to understand the development area

Meschel Plaza excerpt from the approved 2013 Downtown Plan............"
The Civic Plaza (now named Merschel Plaza) area will become the exciting
urban gathering place and mixed-use development
that will encompass parts of several
blocks in the heart of the Downtown. It will
become our Downtown’s “living room” and
will eventually connect the major office areas,
south of W. Second Street and east of N. Liberty
Street, with the retail and entertainment areas
to the north. The plaza itself will be a well landscaped
public park where people can
meet, relax, exercise and enjoy the amenities
of a wonderful urban space"

  • Mayfair Development, headed by Simon Burgess, has purchased the Pepper Building at the corner of Fourth and Liberty along with the Crawford Lot (just east of Pepper Building along 4th Street) and the Piedmont Federal Parking Lot. --- Link to Mayfair Partners website -
  • The Pepper Building is under construction and will be converted into an Indigo Hotel -
  • The Piedmont Federal Parking Lot will be converted to a Hyatt Place Hotel developed by Mayfair Development -
  • Mayfair is contemplating a 3rd building on the Crawford Lot, however, they have not yet determined whether it will be residential or an Extended Stay Hotel.  This building concept is show in the video above.
  • In previous plans, the DWSP shared the potential for underground public parking below Merschel Plaza, which would have been underneath the park.  Due to the cost of building underground public parking we have removed public parking below the park.  
  • $3M in funding for Merschel Plaza was set aside in the 2014 City bond election.
  • The county is funding a new Kaleideum Museum in the old Sheriff's Office at Town Run Land and 3rd Street
  • Mayfair will build private parking underneath the Hyatt Place Hotel which will also encroach into the eastern side of Merschel Plaza.  
  • Next steps, finalize plans and coordinate with the City, County, Kaleideum, other stakeholders.  
  • People have asked what they can do to help.  We need your support and we need you to share this support with city and county elected leaders.  
  • City staff is communicating positively and constructively with the DWSP and the Mayfair Development, however, this is is the appropriate time to let our elected leaders know that we are eager to finish this project.  Also please keep in mind that city and county officials are generally supportive of this project as they have approved bond funding for Merschel Plaza (City of Winston-Salem) and county funding has been raised for Kaleideum.  
  • The final steps include coordination mostly revolving around the funding for demolition of the bridge, replacing major sewer lines, converting 3rd Street to a two way street, and other minor infrastructure matters.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Joymongers Barrel Hall

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the Joymongers team to tour the new Joymongers Barrell Hall at 480 West End Boulevard.  Located directly across the street from The Tap and Colony Urban Farm Store - The team is comprised of the owners Jim, Susan, and Brian Jones, Brewmaster Mike Rollinson and Marketing Expert Sarah Bean.  

The articles and the Facebook page have quite a bit of very interesting information. 

They will be opening soon, sometime in March.  

Historic building dating back to 1928.  

Unique lighting fixtures with cages that surround them.

Mighty Mouse hangs from the ceiling.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Preferred Parking Reopens Parking Deck on Poplar Street just north of 4th Street

Downtown Winston-Salem is experiencing growth.  With that growth, we are seeing new developments and new visitors coming to downtown.  Typically, folks will try to park on the street, however, this elusive on-street parking space may not be available or you may not have the time to find it. 

A new parking resource is now available to you for parking right in the middle of downtown.  It is managed by Preferred Parking which has a strong presence in Uptown Charlotte and it does include their automated payment systems, which I was impressed with due to the simplicity of its use.  The call button rang directly to the local manager's cell phone. 

Another thing to share with folks is that the parking deck has a $40 monthly parking rate, which is very competitive with other nearby parking decks.  If you want to sign up for parking, here is the link to do so -

This parking deck has well over 700 new parking spaces available and will be the parking for the residential apartments when they are built on Fourth Street between Spruce and Poplar, and other office tenants in the adjacent buildings. 

Finally, few topics engage folks quite like parking availability.  It will take time for people to consider parking in decks, however, this same process has happened in many other cities and it is a clear sign of the progress that is taking place in downtown Winston-Salem. 

Please help us spread the word about this new parking resource.  The new manager is Luke Phoutinian and he can be reached at

Parking Deck Reopens at 4th and Poplar, just north of 4th Street

New Automated Money Collection Systems.  They looked very straight forward to use.

Floors had existing signage already that clearly denotes each floor based upon a different color and musical instrument.

Check out the latest Podcast Interview with Tiffany Howell, owner of Burke Street Pub in downtown Winston-Salem (#dtws) 

Tiffany Howell and Jason Thiel during Podcast Interview

Click here to listen to the Podcast Interview with Tiffany Howell

Click here to listen to past Podcast Interviews

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New UPS Store at 6th & Liberty - - Ribbon Cutting on Thursday, May 12 at 9:30 AM

A new UPS Store is celebrating its opening with a Ribbon Cutting this Thursday, May 12, at 9:30 AM.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  
The UPS Store is at 550 N. Liberty St, Winston Salem, NC 27101. 
Their phone number is (336) 727-3576 and their email is

Prior to construction - space was vacant

Interior photo of full service UPS Store

Another interior photo

Mailboxes for Rent

New signage has been installed.  Additional improvements such as lighting, new awnings, and additional signage will be added soon.

Store at dusk last night

New Restaurant called "Crafted: the art of the Taco" is under construction nearby on Libety
Link for more info -

Monday, May 9, 2016

757 North Begins Construction in Goler Heights

More residential development is underway in Goler Heights.  Construction recently started on 757 North, a new 115 unit apartment complex that also has workforce housing included in its pricing.  A news article written by Wake Forest student Caroline Green in Heard it Here, an online project covering downtown Winston-Salem, titled, "Plans for Workforce Housing and Healthy Food Downtown", dated November 19, 2015 describes the project in greater detail and can be viewed by clicking here -

The rendering below was found at the architect's website - Link to Neighboring Concepts (Design Firm) web page for 757 North -

Rendered Elevation of 757 North

Construction progress as of May 3, 2016 - looking SE from Patterson and Dr. MLK Jr. Ave.

Looking North from South End of Site just north of Downtown Mudpies East 

Finally, I want to share the recent Winston-Salem Journal's editorial board piece published on May 6, 2016 -

Friday, July 31, 2015

Krankies expansion nearing completion

If you are a customer or visitor at Krankies Coffee, you will have noticed the construction currently underway. In response to the nearby growth, Krankies is adding kitchen infrastructure and will be expanding their food service offering and adding menus for breakfast and lunch service.  I had the opportunity to tour the construction and am sharing this with our readers.  Krankies did not offer a date when the new expanded food service would begin, but they are getting closer to the finish line.  Congratulations to Krankies and best wishes on their continued success!   

New coffee bean roasting area

coffee lab space
kitchen infrastructure being installed

expanded and improved counter service space for all orders

bag of international coffee beans

main seating area where temporary service area is.  

Salem College nearing completion of new Residence Hall named the "McHugh Sisters Flats"

Update from March 24, 2015 blog post -

Salem College is nearing completion of their new residence hall as the new fall semester nears.  Ground breaking will be on August 23rd at 3:00 PM and they will be named the "McHugh Sisters Flats" - link to the Salem College Facebook Page 

Link to the Salem College web page about the new residence hall -

View from the SW Corner

View from the SE Corner

View from the North just near B-40 looking south

Congratulations to Salem College on their success with this fantastic project.  They are working on naming opportunities with their alumni with this YouTube video which has some great construction photos. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Morning Socials - Downtown Strong

We hope you can join us for two coffee, Morning Socials to be Downtown Strong!

The first is at Camino Bakery on 4th Street!

The second is in July at the Twin City Hive down on Brookstown! 

These are free events for those interested in learning more about Downtown Winston Salem and meeting other people who are also interested in Downtown! We hope to see you there! 

Downtown Strong is a leadership collective of enthusiastic, dependable, and supportive individuals of Downtown Winston-Salem.
Through giving to the DWSP, broad and diverse membership in Downtown Strong helps fortify all that is distinctive about the core of our city as well as position it for a bright and progressive future.
Downtown Strong will be an ongoing Individual Donor Campaign. Local business and corporate support of DWSP will always be important, but the goal of Downtown Strong is to establish a core group of dependable Downtown supporters.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Winston-Salem Startup Incubator - 227 W. Fifth Street

New storefront activity on Fifth Street is the Winston-Salem Startup Incubator at 227 W. Fifth Street.   The incubator was started by local entrepreneur Mark Pegram, who also owns the building occupied by Small Batch Brewing Company.  

Link to the WS Incubator Website 

Current Startup businesses that are incubating their businesses at the Winston-Salem Startup Incubator

On the far right is Ryan Oberlee who is the founder of Outpour Films.  He partners with his brother, Tyler (not shown).  Outpour Films share the works of student and amateur filmmakers everywhere. 

They believe in providing this platform because they believe student and amateur films deserve exposure and their creators deserve to be recognized. They also encourage collaboration among young creatives through our community,  For more information, click here - 

Max Maxwell, second from the left, started Fastba along with William Totten on the far left.  Fastba is still under construction, and you can visit the website at 

William Totten (far left) is also an investor with another business located here, Oswald Green Technologies.  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What is a City? - A new Film and Discussion Series

What is a City? is a new Film & Discussion Series that starts on May 20th at a/perture cinema at 311 W. Fourth Street from 12 Noon to 1:30.  The film is about an hour long and their will be discussion after the film led by Matt Burczyk, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator with the City of Winston-Salem, Department of Transportation. 

The Film Series is being brought to you for free by the Planning Committee of the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership, The Community Design Studio of Winston-Salem, and a/perture cinema.

Contested Streets was chosen in recognition of May being National Bicycle Month.

Future film dates are:  
  1. September 12, 2015 - The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William Whyte
  2. November 18, 2015 - TBD
  3. February 17, 2015 - TBD


The first multi-tenant office building to be developed in Winston-Salem since 2000 has been named North Carolina’s top building project of 2014 by the N.C. branch of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the nation’s leading professional organization of commercial real estate developers.

     (Note: The association still uses its old initials, NAIOP, which stand for National Association for Industrial and Office Parks – although its official name was changed in 2009 to reflect an expanded mission and membership.)

     The award, one of several “Cornerstone Awards” presented at the 2015 NAIOP Statewide Conference held in Pinehurst on April 21-22, honors a “new or renovated construction project in North Carolina that is outstanding in quality, building components, innovations, project delivery, and schedule” and that was completed in calendar year 2014.
     Several other major – and in some cases, larger – projects across the state, including in Charlotte, competed for the award.

     A distinguishing feature of the 751 West Fourth project was the fact that it was 100% locally sourced. The architectural firm was archSTUDIO7, which played a pivotal role in designing a structure that complemented its West Fourth Street surroundings, dramatically enhanced the city’s skyline, and created an open and occupant-friendly interior environment.   

     Frank L. Blum Construction Co. was the general contractor, and Stimmel Associates was the civil engineer. Walter Robb Architects, Steele Group Architects and archSTUDIO7 contributed to the design of the current tenants’ respective office spaces.

     The 751 West Fourth project was developed and is managed by Winston-Salem-based Commercial Realty Advisors LLC, which now has its offices in the new building, along with The Winston-Salem Foundation and Atlantic Capital Advisors.