Thursday, January 7, 2010

Comment Policy

Comment Policy

The Downtown Blog is a forum for positive and civil dialogue on various downtown issues. The DWSP encourages the submission of comments from the public and hopes that interested individuals will submit comments. The DWSP also hopes that commenters will bring to our attention projects and ideas that will help us ensure our downtown can be its best.

The Downtown Blog is a moderated blog, and we expect this community to treat its members with respect. All comments will be reviewed before posting.  The Downtown Blog will not post any comments that include personal attacks of individuals or businesses, slurs, offensive language, or harsh criticism that is counter to our mission of creating a forum for positive and civil dialogue.  

There may be a delay in the posting of comments to the site. The comment in-box will be monitored during normal business hours, and comments will be posted during that time.

Thank you for visiting the Downtown Blog.

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