Saturday, December 10, 2022

Art Installation by Lyman Whitaker Comes to Merschel Park in Downtown Winston Salem


"Balancing Act" is located closer to Fourth Street

"Ring around the Rosie" is located closer to Third Street

Art Installation by Lyman Whitaker Comes to Merschel Park in Downtown Winston Salem

 WINSTON-SALEM, NC (December 8, 2022) — The public is invited to view the latest art installation by renowned sculptor Lyman Whitaker. Merschel Park is located at the junction of Fourth and Trade streets in downtown Winston Salem. The installation, featuring 16 wind sculptures honoring Wanda Merschel’s 16 years of service on City Council, was made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Millennium Fund.

 Lyman Whitaker is known for his stunning wind sculptures, which are designed to harness the power of the wind to create mesmerizing visual displays. His sculptures can be found in public and private collections around the world, and we are thrilled to be able to bring his work to Winston Salem.  Link to the artists website -

 The installation will be a permanent feature in Merschel Park which is named for former City Council member Wanda Merschel and dedicated to all the women of Winston Salem.

 A special “thank you” to Alfred Adams who has worked tirelessly on this park and was also responsible for bringing Lyman Whitaker’s work to our city.

 The park is scheduled for completion in mid-February.




Downtown Winston-Salem Foundation: A nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve downtown Winton-Salem and provide support to the initiatives of the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership. The Foundation administers the Meade Willis Revolving Loan Fund, which provides assistance to those wishing to open a business downtown and the Street Level Improvement Matching (S.L.I.M) grants.

Link to City of Winston-Salem Facebook page with renderings of Merschel Park

Media Questions can be sent to:

Jason Thiel
(336) 354-1500



Thursday, December 8, 2022

DWSP Installs Christmas Tree at SE Corner of Sixth and Liberty

For the last 10 years, the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership has installed a Christmas Tree at Fourth and Trade.  Due to the construction of Merschel Park, we located the tree to 6th and Liberty Street.  Doug Rice, the talented photographer, shared this photo of the tree on Facebook recently.

Photo by Doug Rice Photography 
link to photo

We want to thank the following folks who assisted with this effort.  John & Amy Stinnett, Adam Andrews, City of Winston-Salem Vegetation Management, DWSP Staff, Downtown Clean Team, and the DWSP Board. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

New business at 511 N. Liberty Street - Pupcessories Crafts

Andrew and Amber Laudicina have a newly opened storefront called Pup-Cessories Crafts at 511 N. Liberty Street.  Andrew is a 1st generation U.S. citizen whose family emigrated from Sicily to New York.  Amber is a native of Ocala, Florida and they met thru work in their previous jobs.  They married and settled in Florida until moving to North Carolina during the pandemic. In 2014, while living in Florida, Amber endured several years of serious health challenges which required the assistance of a trained service dog to assist and mitigate her disabilities in many amazing ways. Andrew, who has lifelong experience in Creative Design Leadership is Amber's partner in this new business which started when Amber wanted to purchase custom accessories for her service dog but was unable to find anything that suited her needs.  She learned to sew and build custom dog/pet gear and now specializes in custom orders for owners with working dogs. However, their products are also for all dogs/pets. Some of their favorite work is when they build custom harnesses for military veterans who need the assistance of a service animal, some involving the veteran’s uniform to make it more unique and special which can include their ranks, awards including the Purple Heart.  

Most of their work orders are on-line, however, Amber and Andrew would like to be a visible member of the Winston-Salem community and encourage customers to "walk-in" to their store and visit them.  They love living in North Carolina and consider themselves "halfbacks" (transplanted notherners moving out of Florida to mid-south states).  

Links to learn more about this new downtown business

·                     Website Link -


·                     Facebook Link -

·                     Instagram Link -

·                     Etsy Shop -


Andrew and Amber Laudicina with their two dogs, Eva and Koda.

511 N. Liberty Street is the new storefront for PupcessoriesCrafts

Workstation at 511 N. Liberty Street

Sewing station

Sewing machinery for customized work

Example of custom vest for a service dog

custom accessories for a Great Dane 

More custom vests

Custom vest example

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

DWSP moves to 515 North Cherry Street

The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership (DWSP) is proud to announce that it is moving its offices to 515 N. Cherry Street on November 1.  The new office space is 2,250 square feet with 1,250 SF on the 1st floor and 1,000 SF in the basement.  The owner of the property is affiliated with Mast General Stores.  This new office space is directly across the street from the Convention Center and brings a vacant building back into full activity.  The owners of the property have spent a considerable funds renovating the building with the building interior being completely demolished, removed, and rebuilt.  The construction contractor for the building is LMI Builders.  The facade and signage was designed by Stitch Design Shop. The commercial broker for the project on behalf of the building owner was Meridian Realty.  

The DWSP is moving from the Chatham Building at 305 W. Fourth Street which it has been at since 2008 due to the new owner converting the second floor of the Chatham Building into apartments.  The tenants on the ground floor Washington Perk and A/perture Cinema will not change.  

The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership would like share its gratitude to our legal counsel who represented our interests in this transaction, Kelly Otis, Partner, Akerman, LLP.  We would also like to thank the Downtown Winston-Salem Foundation for their support and assistance with this endeavor.  

Rendering of Final Facade with signage.  The facade and signage will not be complete until February 2023.  The temporary facade will be in place as we move in until the signage and other materials are available.

Temporary facade as of October 24, 2022 (see caption above)

Building prior to construction.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Ellie & Athos - Flowers and More at 617 N. Liberty Street


Linda Chmiel opened "Ellie and Athos", a Sustainable Stem Flower Market on December 1, 2021 at 617 N. Liberty Street.  

Instagram -

Facebook -

Storefront Location at 617 N Liberty

flyer from the store

Ellie and Athos are at the store most times during store hours

Great selection of flowers, but also some pet supplies and some other items.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Development Update: 3 Historic Inns and their current status

Three historic inns in downtown Winston-Salem have come under the same ownership over the last few years.  These three inns are:  

  1. The Shaffner House, now the Shaffner Inn - 150 S. Marshall Street (owned by local investors Dr. Eric Alspaugh and Lou Baldwin; and Cory Pignone of Richmond, VA)
  2. The Colonel Ludlow House - 434 Summit Street (owned by local investors Dr. Eric Alspaugh and Lou Baldwin)
  3. The B.J. Sheppard House - 420 Summit Street (owned by local investors Dr. Eric Alspaugh and Lou Baldwin)

Shaffner House @ 150 S. Marshall Street (Photo by David Rolfe, Winston-Salem Journal)

Reopened for business in July 2021.  
Estimated Cost: Acquisition: $1.2 million Redevelopment Budget: $600,000 in improvements over several years

Link to Winston-Salem Journal news item about the Shaffner House from July 20, 2021

Link to "Shaffner Inn" Website

Colonel Ludlow House @ 434 Summit Street (Photo by @winston_360)

Learn more about Colonel Ludlow by clicking this link

B. J. Sheppard House @ 420 Summit Street (Photo by @winston_360)

Learn more about Sheppard and this structure by clicking here

Link about the purchase of the Ludlow House and Shepard House in the Winston-Salem Journal

Total Acquisition and Renovation costs were approximately $3M for both of these historic homes.  These two side-by-side historic homes will be operated as a Historic Inn with 9 rooms. The renovations are extensive including new bathrooms for each guest room including tile and glass showers with a rain showers, claw foot tubs and pedestal sinks; extensively remodeled guest rooms, historic rehabilitation, anticipated to open August, 2022.

Grace Court Office Park

Alspaugh and Baldwin are the re-developers of the Grace Court Office Park. This consist of the entire block surrounded by Brookstown Avenue, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, and the Grace Court Park. There are 8 structures which house multiple businesses including architecture firms, fundraising development firms, and more. One building houses the Grace Court Apartments, 5 attractive West End long-term rentals. Two houses are used a short-term furnished rentals.  Grace Park at the West End, LLC, lead by Alspaugh and Baldwin, acquired these properties in February, 2019.

Link for more info about the Grace Court Office Park

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

"Tulum Restaurant" coming to 411 N. Cherry Street

New restaurant will be opening at 411 N. Cherry Street.  The location was recently occupied by Bongo nightclub and will soon be home to "Tulum" Restaurant.  This news was first reported by Michael Hastings in the Winston-Salem Journal.  Check out the updated article at The Winston-Salem Journal

"Coming Soon" sign out front on Cherry Street

Interior Construction Photo

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

527 N. Liberty Street Update

Adam Andrews. owner or partner in several downtown businesses, such as: Jeffery Adams on Fourth Street, Young Cardinal Cafe & Company, Dogwood Hops & Crops, and the Trophy Room, has been busy getting his newest enterprise ready to open at 527 N. Liberty St. The concept will be southern style tacos. The restaurant name has not been finalized. Look for an opening in late summer of 2022.Link to learn more about Adam Andrews and his businesses
Chef Andrews is growing his own vegetables in these gardens at the SE Corner of 6th & Liberty
Equipment being delivered
Interior photos 
Interior Photos

Monday, March 7, 2022

New Retail Shop Opens 416 N. Trade Street - Theresa Duncan's Fashion & Variety Store

We welcome Theresa Duncan and her new Fashion and Variety Retail Shop to 416 N. Trade Street.  

To learn more about Ms. Duncan, check out her 


facebook page

It was a pleasure to talk with Ms. Duncan and we encourage our downtown friends to stop by and welcome Theresa and her team to downtown.  Ms. Duncan is a retired health care worker and no stranger to retail, with another shop on Fayette Street in Winston-Salem. She is a native of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada, but is a long time citizen of the United States.

New Retail Shop at 416 N. Trade Street

Store Hours, Phone Number, and Website

Front of the Store from inside facing Trade Street

Owner, Theresa Duncan


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Window Wonderland comes to the Historic "Arcade" Building at 4th & Trade

 The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership, Inc. (DWSP) started a new "Window Dressing" competition called "Window Wonderland" - you can click here to see all of the details.  The DWSP received permission from the Starbuck Ventures, owner of the Arcade Building at the NE Corner of 4th and Trade, to participate in the competition.  The DWSP will not be competing for prizes, however, we wanted to contribute to the effort.  

We solicited the assistance of Lindsay Deibler, a local Interior Designer, with the help of Wendy Prior (photo below).  Lindsay recently appeared on the Food Network's "Holiday Baking Championship - Gingerbread Showdown" on November 22nd with Stacey Milner, owner of "Baked Just So", a local bakery.  Click here for Winston-Salem Journal article about the competition.

Arcade Building at the NE Corner of 4th and Trade

Windows facing Trade Street

Corner Storefront 

Fourth Street Storefront

Fourth Street Storefront

Lindsay Deibler on the left and Wendy Prior on the right.  Thank you very much for your work.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

New look at Sweet Potatoes with the help of artist Leo Rucker

Congratulations to Sweet Potatoes on their new look at the front of their building.  Prominent artist Leo Rucker ( )was the artist and pictured below.  Check out his instagram page here -

Storefront prior to new wall signage and awnings

After the new signage installed

Progress photo halfway thru

Artist Leo Rucker in the process of his very talented painting

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Nationwide Marketing Group brings new life to historic buildings at 609 N. Liberty Street

Welcome to downtown Winston-Salem Nationwide Marketing Group, which recently relocated from Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.  Click here to learn more about there 50 year history.   They occupy the entire building at 609 N. Liberty (the building on the left - northernmost) and the 2nd floor of the corner building, 601 N. Liberty Street. 

Click here to read the Triad Business Journal article written by John Brasier on May 5, 2020.

The building was acquired in 2017 by the GBX Group and was restored utilizing historic tax credits and a preservation easement.  The property developers included Tom and Jeff Prioreschi, principals of Capitol Places from Columbia, South Carolina, who have had a long relationship with the GBX Group and who have been responsible for multiple developments that helped rebuild downtown Columbia. 

Listing for the remaining leasable space at 601 N. Liberty Street -

Photo taken on 10/13/2021 of the exterior of the building

Exterior photo of buildings prior to acquisition by GBX in 2017

Building exterior after acquisition but prior to construction beginning

1st Floor main area

1st floor meeting area facing Liberty Street

Basement of 609 - break room

Common space in the basement with 2 roll up door facing parking lot and Main Street

Training Room in the Basement

Media Production facilities

2md Floor Meeting Room in 601 Building

Preserved elevator doors put to a new use

Stairwell from 2nd floor to ground floor in 601 Building

Hallway on 2nd floor of 601 Building

Office space overlooking Liberty street from 2nd floor of 601 Building
Rooftop space with eastern view overlooking the Innovation Quarter

View to Northwest

View to the North