Friday, April 24, 2009

Update: First Urban Pioneer Event a Big Success!

The first of several forums on how to become an Urban Pioneer was well attended and informative. Between 25 and 30 people attended and listened to information and "war stories" about how to reclaim historic houses in Winston Salem as well as restore more of a sense of community to older neighborhoods. Topics ranged from "where do I start?" to the use of Historic Tax Credits to how to find contractors and lenders. Also discussed was the community aspect of being a Pioneer and the need to be involved socially and politically to make a positive difference.
Based on questions from attendees, future meetings will focus on single topics such as how to take advantage of all of the current programs available to first time homebuyers, presentations by area neighborhood associations and how to maximize the value of your historic home.
A date has not been chosen for the next event yet but will be announced soon.

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