Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Signage on Fourth Street!

Some new signage on Fourth Street in the old Speakeasy Lounge location.


Unknown said...

OK there is a new sign but what is Tonic? Will they have live music?

Corn said...

Word is they will be a tapas bar, started by the Bernandin's and Bleu folks, with the potential for music and a brighter, fresh appeal for that space. Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

Speakeasy was the only jazz club in the Triad area. I can't see coming all the way downton just for tapas. I hope Tonic will keep the jazz music alive. Otherwise, I will probably be frequenting Le Divan in High Point. A new jazz club that just opened up. I would rather come to downtown Winston, but I go where the music is.

Anonymous said...

Speakeasy was the best jazz club in the Triad area for sure. Excited about Tonic and hope
they will bring in jazz music because this
town wants it back. Many talented musicians
waiting for a place to play.

Anonymous said...

Tonic has the opportunity to offer a more upscale jazz experience in downtown WS if they choose b/c clearly they have the resources to do so based on the success of their other properties. The potential for a premier jazz club is ripe for the picking. Let's hope they do not miss the opportunity.