Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bits & Pieces

A few observations from the Fourth Street area:
  • Tonic, the new club on Fourth Street (old Speakeasy) is getting very close to opening. I saw the owner today and he has made many improvements. The guess on timing is 3 weeks. I look forward to his opening.
  • Rana Loca (old Cat's Corner) is also moving along and John Cahoon and his partner are talking about a July 13th opening.
  • Souphab is getting real close to finishing the Downtown Thai location in the ground floor of One Park Vista.
  • There is strong interest in the Downtown Deli space once they move to One West Fourth Street. All interested parties are considering casual dining format.
  • The owner of Nu Shoes (Loewy Building) is busy with upfit on his space. We expect opening in the next few weeks.
  • Steady work is taking place at the Kernal Kustard (old bagel store).
  • Much more to follow.


Anonymous said...

Was out at Rec last night and saw the Tonic sign lit up. Man that thing really livens up the street.

On that front though, anyone know why the Christmas lights vanished from the trees along Fourth Street? Always liked those.

Anonymous said...

Will there ever be a comedy spot downtown? I miss that!