Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Make Winston-Salem next!

The North Carolina Maps project is working from the State Library System is digitizing the Sanborn maps. They have finished the sets of maps for Kinston, Wilmington, and Charlotte, and working on Greensboro right now.

They are allowing a democratic process to decide what city is next. Let's make it Winston-Salem. To get more info and vote (I already did) click on the link below to make Winston-Salem next.


Fam said...

Thank you all for voting. The response has been terrific. But no election is over until the last vote is counted, so we need more votes. Please urge your family and friends to go to the site and vote.

And suggest that they look around a bit while they are there. There is a lot of cool stuff online already, with much more to come.

Thanks again...

Fam Brownlee
NC Room
Central Library

Fam said...

And the winner is...
The voting is over. Thanks to Jason for helping here and to all of you who helped us win. Our Sanborn maps should be online at the NC Maps site in about three weeks.

Partial results:
Winston-Salem 94
Durham 15
Hillsborough 14

For full results, go to the website. Apex got one vote, but I don't think there are any Sanborns of Apex. So give them an A+ for gumption.