Sunday, August 16, 2009

EVENT NAME: "Nobodys Darlins" recent paintings by Patrick Harris

LOCATION: Urban Artware, 207 W 6th Street, in Winston-Salem's Downtown Arts District

DATE & TIME: Friday September 4th, 7pm-10pm, in conjunction with First Friday Gallery Hop (show on view thru Sept. 30th)

DESCRIPTION: Patrick Harris

Patrick Harris was born and raised in the piedmont of North Carolina. His mother was an art teacher when he was just a toddler and she took him with her to her classes and let him join along. He’s been drawing and painting ever since he could hold a pencil or brush. His fascination with art led him to study its history.

His interests were most captured by two of the most adverse styles in art history: pop art with its unfeeling look at culture and society through graphic means, and expressionism with its extreme search to convey the deepest of emotions through the brush. Patrick's work is a continuing effort to combine the didactic effects of both styles: trying to capture the warmth of expression in the cold style of the pop graphic.

CONTACT: Millicent Greason-Spivak 722-2345 or

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