Friday, August 14, 2009

Paint with DADA!

Join Muralist Marianne DiNapoli‐Mylet and DADA artists and volunteers to create “The Tree of Trade” mural during the Summer on Trade Saturday Music Series.

On August 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 7‐9pm we’ll be working outside under the present mural in the 600 block of Trade Street in downtown Winston‐Salem. The large fabric panels need your hand in the artwork! The mural is drawn on primed fabric ‐ we’ll paint on the fabric and make handprints in the foliage area of the mural. (We’ll have paint shirts and clean‐up equipment too).

The image of a tree supported by large roots spells the word “love”. As the trunk grows there are family units pictured in the bark. The branches are loving hands holding up the foliage and within the foliage and branches are images of Trade Street artists and shop owners. The foliage is made up of many handprints made by participants during 4 weeks of “Summer on Trade Concerts”. The new mural design embraces support, love, respect and growth in the arts community. The mural will remain true to its original design with a few variations. This new mural design will also have an interactive component. A key will be available, displaying pictures that viewers might find within the mural. One picture will be a tribute to DADA artist Kelly Petersen. It will be painted on fabric panels and then attached to the primed wall with an acrylic gel medium. The new mural will be installed later in the fall. Please plan to join us Saturday!

Please email for more information on the mural. For more information on the Downtown Art District Association, upcoming projects and our DADA First Friday Gallery Hops please visit

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"The Downtown Arts District Association (DADA) is a neighborhood organization of artist studios, residences and businesses that is dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture through education, entertainment, community interaction and trade."

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