Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help us Send a Message! Let's Keep our Post Office!


Michael said...

This is the problem with government, people all want to have "their" service ( whatever it is) go unaffected by cuts and all want the cuts to be somewhere else. If there has been a study done and it shows this branch is no longer viable then close it. Downtown is not as active as it was so many years ago and it makes no sense to keep a branch open just for memories or whatever bond people feel.

Jason Thiel - Downtown Winston-Salem Blog said...

We appreciate Michael's comment, and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing my opinion as well. So here goes.

It is well documented that the Postal Service has financial concerns that it must deal with. However, downtown Winston-Salem is a growing place with many businesses and an expanding residential base. It is very conveniently located next to our transportation center and we feel it is an important service that we do not want to give up.

Michael mentions that it makes no sense to keep a branch open for memories or a bond that people may have. I submit that the post office is well used and that downtown is an active place where considerable efforts are taking place to ensure that this is a long term trend.

ed said...

The downtown post office may not be a major money maker for USPS at the present time but, as Jason stated, our downtown is growing even during the economy situation our country is dealing with. If it is closed we will only have to replace it in a few years with major tax dollars. In the meantime, it will hinder the growth pattern we are working so hard for.

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