Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Office Petition Update!

The petition has over 1,200 signatures. We are going to continue to collect signatures until the end of this week and which time we will forward these to our elected officials and postal service representatives.

Link to the Petition Information

Link to an editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal


ed said...

I am surprised we only have 1200 in support. I'm sure if an effort other than the blog had been made there would have been many more.

Jason Thiel - Downtown Winston-Salem Blog said...

We are happy to see that Ed wants to have a strong petition drive. However, it should be noted for the sake of accuracy that the Post Office Petition has been published in many outlets through press releases, e-mail blasts, newspaper stories, etc. - Also, we are going to send out our last call for signatures in an e-mail blast today. So thanks for the concern Ed, and help us get the word out. And I would not be so quick to dismiss over 1,200 signatures.