Sunday, February 14, 2010

858 W. Fourth Street - Gusto

Gusto is the name of the business opening at 858 W. Fourth Street. It is a very exciting new clothing boutique and more. More info coming soon.

Link to some very interesting historical information about the previous tenants in this building.


Jennifer J said...

I walk past this building when I exercise and I've been watching the renovations since last year. Can't wait to see what business will be coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Gusto is finally open!!! The clothes are super HOT!! I've found my new favorite place!

Justin T said...

Finally I have a place to shop that gets my style and has a serious passion for clothing! Bravo Gusto! Bravo!


Fam Brownlee said...

The North Carolina Room at the Forsyth County Public Library's Central Branch on West Fifth Street has some of the ledgers from J.T. Joyner's grocery business which was the original tenant of this building in the 1890s.