Saturday, January 30, 2010

DWSP Staff Visits Durham

The DWSP staff took a field trip on Tuesday to visit with our counterparts from Downtown Durham, Inc. We all enjoyed our trip and were impressed with the many impressive projects in downtown Durham and the work of the DDI staff. Here is a link to their video blog. Well worth checking out. We like the video's, especially the "first look" videos. Justin and I have agreed that we will start doing some similar things on our blog in the near future.

Front entrance of the Durham Bulls baseball stadium. If you click on the graphic to expand it, you can see the Foothills Brewing Sign on the side of the buiding.

You will see some very nice streetscape improvements here in front of a nice eating establishment. In the window, there is a "Krispy Kreme" sign. Hopefully, we will see a "Krispy Kreme" sign in our downtown soon.

A very nice graphic here is providing a buffer for a building that is under repair.

A nice bike rack made out of bicycle frames.

Very nice projecting signs on these two buildings.

There are many other great things to see in Downtown Durham, making it well worth the slightly over 1 hour it takes to drive there from downtown Winston-Salem.

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