Sunday, January 24, 2010

Motivated Seller

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534 N. Main Street – The sign reads -

For Sale
I will Sell for $450,000 or Best Offer in 60 days
Brokers Share 50% of 10% Commission
Contact Larry Folds at 336-210-6321


Anonymous said...

I love that building. Great garage space inside.

Anonymous said...

This is where Jay Stephens was going to do the 2nd Ziggy's location back a few years ago. Would be worth it to see if he would be willing to go back & see if the numbers would work for him. If there would be a way for some type of low cost financing for him to help him with the purchase & plumbing, as well as other upfits would be something for DWSP to assist him in getting connected with the Meade Willis Fund or some other financing through the city with economic stimulus funds or some other type of funding mechanism.

Jennifer said...

A scenic painting studio would look lovely there.