Friday, June 4, 2010

Grilled Asparagus not going into Mary's of Course old location

From Mary's of Course Website - click here for the news.


Jennifer said...

Sad news for those who were so excited at the prospect of a fully fledged Vegetarian Restaurant in W-S. I Already had plans for 3 meetings there when it opened up. Guess I'll go ahead and schedule those meetings. No need to wait now.

Anyone have a list of Downtown locations to take a Vegan to lunch?

Sterly said...

Thai restaurants are usually very vegan friendly. Maybe try Downtown Thai?

I'm really disappointed this project is not go forward. I live in W-S, but work in Greensboro. Not only has there been a full vegetarian restaurant in Greensboro for some time, it seems like the general restaurants in Greensboro cater to vegetarians much better than the ones in W-S do. A vegetarian restaurant seems like a lucrative project in W-S. There are a lot of vegetarians out there and those who are not could also benefit by having a new healthy place to eat.

LaTonya said...

I don't see the update here, so I'll tell it. The Grilled Asparagus is opening at 239 West 4th Street. The place appears to be almost ready. Their website is and you can follow them on facebook or email them at yahoo.

Ken said...

Sad about the closing of GA. The menu was more authentically vegetarian, as opposed to Boba House in GSO which caters to meat-eaters (meaning, practically every dish has faux-meat). :( :( :(