Monday, July 12, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Last week I went and watched Exit Through the Gift Shop at Aperture Cinema. Here is the promo video from YouTube.

Okay, here are my thoughts. The film was good. I have been trained to dislike graffiti, and thus its glorification was tough to sit through. But getting to know Banksy made it worth it. He validates that there is something substantial to this time and money I was investing to see this film. The range of emotions I felt upon exiting the theater left me contemplating the fine line between graffiti and street art. Pretty deep stuff.......And then I got hungry. I haven't thought about it much since then. At least not until I sat down to write this post. Anyway, you should try to see it, but you better hurry, Thursday is its last day in Winston-Salem. No doubt you will be able to rent it later on, but that may be awhile.

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