Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did you ever notice?

If you look at the Wachovia Tower at night, you might notice the distinct lighting on the building. It appears that the unlit portion of the Wachovia Tower resembles the general shape of the RJ Reynolds Tower.

After talking with many people about this, I sought the input of several people deeply involved in the development of the building to determine if this was intentional or simply coincidence. After an extensive inquiry into this matter, it seems as if it is simply coincidence.
Some other possibilities may be that I am overstating this phenomena, or the architectural term of Cesar Pelli did it surreptitiously.


jimbob said...

that is pretty cool!

The Possum said...

This was thoroughly discussed in 1995 and is quite intentional. A Moravian arch casting light down upon the Reynolds Building.

Interestingly, Pelli designed an 88-story version of the former Wachovia Headquarters in 2003. Hong Kong's Two International Finance Center which can be seen here:

Jason Thiel - Downtown Winston-Salem Blog said...

Hey, awesome post Possum. I am glad to hear that it was intentional. This was the first time I have had anyone confirm it. If you are able to share any additional info, we certainly would appreciate it. I also like the Honk Kong building. I am going to post that building on our blog based upon your link you provided.