Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Grilled Asparagus is coming soon!

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With construction underway, The Grilled Asparagus owners Darrell & Nanette Murray are excited to give customers "Not just a restaurant, but an experiance." The restaurant is Vegetarian and 75% of the menu is Vegan, and Gluton free. Patrons will enjoy a flavorful and quality meal at an affordable price as lunch prices will average $8 and dinner entrees around $15. The lunch menu is set up for a quick meal for those in a hurry, and evening entertainment will be provided for a slower paced dinner. On Schedule Thursday nights is poetry & spoken word, Jazz on Friday and Sarurday nights, and Blues on Sundays. Menu items include wraps, salads, burgers, hummus and much more. Outdoor seating will also be available. The Grilled Asparagus hopes to open in early September!

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