Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cross Country Bike Journey Tandem come thru W-S

Some very interesting people stopped in Winston-Salem this week. Their names are Laura Crawford and Russ Roca who in March 2009 made the decision to sell everything they own and embark on an open ended bike journey through the Unites States. Here is a link to more info about these incredible people.

The entered a blog post today about their recent visit here in Winston-Salem, where they stopped in downtown at Brew Nerds Coffee Shop on Fourth Street. Here is their link to their post.

If you go to their website, their are several opportunities to connect with them, including a facebook page. Here is a link to their Facebook Page. They were also featured while they were here on WXII. I could not find a source to the video.

A picture of their bike in front of a bike rack at Family Services near Gateway in Winston-Salem. This photo is from their facebook page.

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