Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vivian cuts her hair to help worthy cause

A Personal Note from Vivian (co-owner of Sweet Potatoes)
This was sent out via e-mail to people on the Sweet Potatoes E-Mail List
Dear Friends,
Do you remember the excitement of the start of a new school year? The trip to get new clothes and a new lunch box? Meeting your teacher and finding out she wasn't so scary after all? Looking back, being a kid wasn't so bad was it? There are thousands of kids that will never get the chance to experience that because of cancer and there are countless numbers of seniors that will never remember that joy because of Alzheimer's disease. I've decided to make a stand to help. I will volunteer to have my head shaved this Saturday to help raise money for these two worthy research programs. Please help me by stopping by Sweet Potatoes- a restaurant this week to make a donation or simply send your donation directly to Saint Baldrick's Foundation or Alzheimer's Association. This Saturday, September 11, 2010, I will take steps in my personal journey and this will be a day of service for me. There is a season for everything and September is the time when old things start to fall away and we ready ourselves for anew.
(End of Vivian's note)

There is quite a bit of activity taking place in our great city this weekend, but I wanted to bring attention to this meaningful cause and the opportunity to make a donation.

For more information on the St. Baldrick's Day activities at Finnigan's Wake, click here.

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Associated Artists of Winston-Salem said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about St. Baldrick's Day at Finnigan's Wake - I know someone who also shaved her head last year! What a generous spirit Vivian has.