Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Under new management

Souphab from Downtown Thai fame purchased this building recently. He is still working on concepts, but congratulations on adding this to his portfolio. He has been kicking around the idea of some rooftop use. Please be sure to ask him about it when you see him.


Anonymous said...

That's some fancy arrow drawing.

The Possum said...

Boy, does that building need a LOT of work. Toured the inside a few years back.

Lots of 2nd floor water damage, but the original windows are still there under the bricks. Used to have a nice metal "Spanish tile" cornice/overhang and an arched entryway.

The buildings in the 200 block of Fourth look awfully shabby. I sure hope a first-class restoration is planned. I've seen renderings gleaned from old photos and pray they will be used to guide this project.

So little left of the past....let's emulate Old Salem's exacting standards and do it right.