Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ziggy's Update

Ziggy's started construction with site work.  I spoke with Jay Stephens today and he said that he was hoping for a late Spring 2011 opening.  


Anonymous said...

Great news. Questions though: Are they razing the old brick building that sits next it? (a little to the east of this photo). Also, where is everybody going to park?

Anonymous said...

Wow. If you're still talking about parking, this still isn't a real city. park on the street or in a deck. Take the city bus. Walk a few's good for ya.

Razing another old building downtown? That's criminal insanity. Certainly our Historic Properties Commission would prevent such an outrage.

I sure hope this new Ziggy's has all the funky charm of the old location. I'd hate to see them throw up some cheap metal utility shed and kill the vibe. A building like Asheville's Orange Peel would be great.