Thursday, December 16, 2010

Smart Growth

The monthly publication from the American Planning Association arrived in the mail at my home today and there was a very compelling article.  (While reading, please note the North Carolina connection).

I have seen previous press reports on the study which is the basis of this article, however being featured in the monthly Planning magazine ensures maximum visibility amongst your peers.  As you would expect, the article was somewhat subdued compared to some other news outlets. (see additional links below for full report download and other news outlets- click on the magazine cover below for a link to the Planning Magazine article).

Some additional reports about the study.
Interestingly, Sarasota County leaders and elected officials appear to have embraced these findings from the report outlined in this article.  For instance, they have a very unique job title - You don't see that everywhere. 
It also seems that signs of the real estate market are possibly starting to loosen up in Sarasota, at least in the Smart Growth Sector.  (I did notice that this developer is contemplating a donation of 80 acres for a new school). 

It also seems that their economic development folks in Sarasota County have been busy.  Check out this video... - It is good to know that the new policies being put in place regarding smart growth have been side by side with new job announcements.

Anyhow, I know this is a bunch of wonky planning stuff, but it boils down to the fact that density is good for the tax base of a community, and downtown is one of the primary places where you find density in a community.  So please be sure to use this information the next time you get into a conversation about downtown.   

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