Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your input is needed

To our Downtown Stakeholders:

There is a great opportunity for you to support the 2007 Downtown Plan. The City has formed a Citizens’Capital Needs Committee and it is seeking your input.

I have filled out the online form urging support of the following public improvement projects:

1. Civic Plaza
2. Streetcar
3. MLK Extension
4. Improvements to Public Parking Deck

You can support the Downtown Plan Agenda too. Simply go to the following online form at this link and provide your feedback on what capital improvements you think are necessary for the City of Winston-Salem.

Definition of Capital Improvements

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly support all the projects on the Downtown Plan Agenda.
The Civic Plaza is an integral part of downtown development. Beauty, recreation and business development are all a part of the Plaza.
Street cars will move people efficiently. The MLK Extension is another people and car mover. We need it.
Who wants public parking decks that are dangerous,dirty and inefficient. We need good ones to facilitate downtown development which stimulates the economy and makes Winston the wonderful place that it is! Go Team!