Friday, May 13, 2011

Sushi returns to DT Thai and other things

Sushi returns to the menu after a short hiatus at Downtown Thai

I had a great lunch at Downtown Thai today and I had the opportunity to catch up with long-time downtown restauranteur Souphab Daoheang.  It turns out that he has some more changes than just adding sushi back to the menu, he is also going to consolidate the Vietnamese Pho into the concept at Downtown Thai so that he can offer sushi, thai, and pho all in one place. 

He is just now finalizing his plans for reformatting the concept of the original Downtown Thai location into a new restaurant type.  He said that he would be introducing this information soon, although I think if you head down and have dinner with him, he might be willing to provide some details. 

Finally, as you may not know, Souphab bought 265 W. Fourth Street (just east of the original DT Thai location) a few months ago.  It is currently vacant, however, he told me that he has big plans for the space.  He said that as the economy continues to improve, there will be a point in time where he hopes to start construction on what he described as his "grand vision" for the space.  He has acknowledged that he is not entirely sure what the final business concept will be.  However, he did share that he anticipates a major renovation to the buildings interior and exterior.

I encourage you to head down to Downtown Thai and enjoy a good meal, and hopefully after you read this blog post you might be able to enjoy some conversation with him about his upcoming plans. 

Link to his Downtown Excellence Award video that he received in 2010.

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