Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Looking for some new shopping experiences? Visit the new shops on Burke Street

Justin Gomez from the DWSP observes a customer (Dionne) at Barnhills enjoying a wine tasting from their extensive selection of North Carlona Wines. 

Link to Barnhills Website

Airtype is finishing the upfit on their new professional office space at the corner of Brookstown and Burke. 

Click here to link to their website and be sure to check out the renovation photos - very cool.

Jennifer is the friendly employee behind the counter here at Hatue Chocolate.  I could not resist buying two great cupcakes. 

Link to Haute Chocolate Website

Tracy, one of the owners of ReTale, is taking care of this happy customer at Retale

Link to the Re-tale website

The Lighthouse Grille has added this new outdoor seating area. 

Link to Lighthouse Grille Website
Elizabeth from Funky Monkeys is ringing up another great sale at Funky Monkeys

Link to Funky Monkeys Website

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