Friday, July 22, 2011

Downtown Streets Closing for Crosswalk Repairs This Weekend (7/23 & 7/24)

Vehicle travel on Fourth, Marshall, Charry, Trade, and Liberty streets downtown will be affected by crosswalk repairs this weekend, weather permitting.

On Saturday, July 23, two sections of Fourth Street will be closed between Marshall and Cherry Streets and between Liberty and Trade Streets including all of the Trade Street intersection. In addition, the left lane of Marshall Street and the right lane of Liberty Street will be closed.

On Sunday, July 24, two other sections of Fourth Street will be closed between Cherry and Trade Streets and between Liberty and Main Streets. In addition, the right lane of Cherry Street and the left lane of Liberty Street will be closed.

For more information call CityLink at 727-8000


The Possum said...

Came to this site looking for news on Separks' rumored departure from Fourth St. and Winston-Salem after 72 years. Is this true or not? Where's the story?

Jason Thiel - Downtown Winston-Salem Blog said...

Yes it is, Separk has some signage in front of the store that confirms that they are moving. I wish them well and I surely wish they were staying. Indeed, I have been aware of their departure for the last few months, but Separk has made a business decision that they felt they needed to make and I want to say that I greatly appreciate them and I am grateful to them for being downtown for so many years and I wish them nothing but success. In regards to the blog, I have been developing a post that provides insight into the leasable space that will be available with their departure which hopefully will include some insight from the property owners, but I am still working on that. In conclusion, we have had many positive announcements in downtown, but this is certainly news that reminds us that our efforts towards making our downtown what is contemplated in our DT Plan is not yet achieved and that our efforts are as important now as they have ever been. I appreciate your comment because it is a fair question and I wish it was not so, but i am confident that the future vacant space will be a compelling one for others contemplating a business downtown. More to come on this as stated above.