Friday, August 26, 2011

Legacy 2030 Needs YOUR Input!

Before we move forward with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Legacy Plan Update, we need your input! Please go to our website and give us your thoughts on our latest community discussion questions. Right now, we're discussing Downtown & Center City issues. Your input will influence how the plan is written!

These issues will also be discussed at our next Community Input Session, Tuesday, September 20th, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM in the Winston Room of the Joel Coliseum.

Or reply to the following questions to

How can we encourage greater density in the Center City while promoting quality design?

Should sites be pre-selected for increased densities? How do we help the community to see increased densities as positive if done correctly?

How do we encourage the development of more affordable housing downtown?

How do we encourage tenants to move into vacant office space and contribute to the vitality of Downtown? When space becomes more saturated, where would new office space contribute best to Downtown revitalization objectives?

How do we encourage additional retail development downtown? How do we encourage a broad array of retail stores downtown? Should we focus on the current retail areas or should we spread retail throughout Downtown? How important is it to get an urban grocery store Downtown?

How do we encourage property owners to take advantage of tax credits and other incentives to rehabilitate these resources? How do we encourage redevelopment of older buildings and demonstrate economic feasibility?

How do we promote public transit in a community that depends so strongly on automobiles? How do we create a streetcar system which can best encourage a vibrant mixed-use development pattern, enhance the tax base, connect active areas together and be compatible with its surroundings?

Are there any parts of Downtown that need new or improved sidewalks? Are there other pedestrian features that are needed? What bicycle facilities are desired by the community? Can we better connect Downtown destinations?

Where and how do we provide future streetscape improvements? Should we continue to convert one-way streets back to accepting two-way traffic?

How do we encourage the redevelopment of these parking lots as building sites and structured parking? Similarly, what do we do about the perception that Downtown parking is scarce and difficult to use? Should new parking decks be “wrapped” with other uses or have ground floor retail or office space?

How do we better connect this area with other Activity Nodes in the county?

How do we take advantage of proposed bridge and interchange improvements on US 52 and Business 40 to provide functional and aesthetically improved gateways into Downtown and the Center City?

Kelly B. Bennett
Planner, City/County Planning Board
Winston-Salem & Forsyth County, NC

100 E. First Street * P. O. Box 2511
Winston-Salem, NC 27102
direct line: 336-747-7062
fax: 336-748-3163

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