Friday, November 11, 2011

Fully Engaged at Spring House and Bib's Holiday Party Space

The Downtown Blog stopped by the Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen, and Bar this afternoon and we found a construction site that is FULLY ENGAGED.  Construction workers everywhere!  We had to take a few photos to give you an update. 

Here is a link from our last blog post on October 2, 2011

Future blogging will hopefully include an audio interview with Chef Tim.  To learn more about the man behind the food, check out this link ---- Also, some of you may not know this, but he is also behind Dr. Brownstone's BBQ.  Here is a link for more info. -

Here is some more info about his 2008 entry into the Texas Pete Twin City Ribfest and the result.
June 13, 2008 Story by Laura Giovanellie about Tim Grandinetti (Dr. Brownstone) getting ready for the 2008 RibFest (He ended up winning People's Choice - see link here

He will be moving into close proximity to the beloved Bib's Downtown  (diagonally across 5th and Spring Street) which we all know has some serious BBQ talent.  June 16, 2011 Story by Annette Fuller about Bib's racking up top honors at the 2011 RibFest

Great place for your Holiday Party (The Hickory Room)
So we are going to have some great food options in the proximity of 5th and Spring, and although Spring House will not be a BBQ restaurant, I thought it might be fun to let our readers know a little bit more about Chef Tim and remind people once again that the 2011 Grand Champion of the Texas Pete Twin City RibFest resides in downtown Winston-Salem at Bib's Downtown

Now on to the construction photos at the Spring House 

North End of the building which will open up to the garden and patio area

The Kitchen under construction - Hood and Ventilation system being installed

Main Hallway

Construction trucks everywhere

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Braxton Lathan Williams said...

What a great house!! Can't wait until it is restored, loook forward to eating there!

-Braxton Williams