Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mellow Mushroom - Portland makes three for Jim and Cindy Waters

It is hard to think about downtown Winston-Salem without visualizing the Mellow Mushroom at the corner of Fourth and Marshall.  This coming January 2012, will mark six (6) years for their restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem.  As many of you know, they also opened a restaurant in downtown Greensboro in 2008.  Here is a fun link to a video that is made by the Mellow Mushroom Franchise on their website.  http://www.mellowfranchise.com/mellow-stories#video-option (You will have to click on the Jim & Cindy Waters link on the bottom left of the page). 

As many of you know, they recently opened their third store in Portland, Oregon.  Here are some links to learn more:

Link to the Mellow Mushroom Portland Facebook page

Be sure to check out the photos from the interior of the Portland store.  Pretty cool.

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Jim Waters said...

Thanks Jason. You are too kind. Looking forward to getting "home" (aka Winston-Salem). Will be back in due time.