Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun visit to the Centennial Trading Company

I had the opportunity to stop down to see Erik and Johnny at Centennial Trading Company on Tuesday.  I enjoyed the visit and even picked up a new wallet that I was in sore need of.  I encourage you to get down and see this exciting new local retailer on Fourth Street. 

Corner of 4th and Patterson in downtown Winston-Salem - two new retailers, Camel City Tattoo and Centennial Trading Company

 Camel City Tattoo at 290 E. Fourth Street - Click here for link for Facebook page link

Erik Stephens and Johnny Smrdel are the owners of the Centennial Trading Company

Nice mural behind the cash register

One of their products - Raleigh Denim Jeans - here is a link to the manufacturer's website, which I found very interesting

Some more links for more information:

Link to Centennial Trading Company Facebook Page

August Downtown Blog Post during Construction

Link to August 15, 2011 Story in the Winston-Salem Journal by Fran Daniel story about Raleigh Denim which manufactures their jeans in downtown Raleigh

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femery said...

This shop is FANTASTIC! My husband and I, who always manage to walk into a store and find the most expensive, most well made item, fell in love with everything, and it's so reasonable. On top of that, they are very centered on supporting American made products. It's a great find!