Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winston Factory Lofts Phase 2 Field Trip

I am excited about Winston Factory Lofts Phase 2.  It was nice of the Clachan Properties Team to allow me to tour the site today with Amy Foster, their Property Manager.  The project has started interior demolition and construction and I wanted to give our readers an inside view into the project.  Clearly it is going to be an amazing project.  Also, as part of the project, they will be installing new streetscaping on the project site on Main Street and on 6th Street.  The streetscaping will include new fencing, sidewalks, streetlights, trees, and a two foot brick paver band parallel to the curb. - Winston Factory Lofts Website - History of the Buildings

Winston Factory Lofts Phase 2 at 101 E. 6th Street

Amy Foster, Property Manager and Winston Factory Lofts

Western Edge of the Building

Swimming Pool and Deck built for Phase 1 will be expanded to accomodate Phase 2

Large outdated boiler in the building will be removed

Existing Conditions of the 5th Floor of the building

A beautiful view out of the 5th Floor Windows to the North overlooking the Gallery Lofts and the newly opened BioTech Place

Another view of the existing 4th Floor with the sunlight pouring in.  Contractors will soon begin their 4 month ordeal restoring the existing windows


Anonymous said...

Omg I've always dreamed of having a a whole floor in Winston I start Forsyth tech this fall omg I wish I had one haha

Milliscent Morgan said...

I found this blog so great but apparently I'm looking forward to a post of king west lofts. Keep on posting!