Thursday, August 29, 2013

Small Batch Beer Company

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Blain and Tim Walker of Small Batch Beer Company on Wednesday in their increasingly new and shiny home at 5th and Cherry, in Downtown Winston Salem. Warm, interesting and passionate about their business, Ryan and Tim showed me around and gave me a bit of history about themselves. Coming from Florida and Brooklyn, respectively, it turns out all of the owners significant others work at Mullen, the local ad firm, which is how they met. 

The new home of Small Batch Beer Co., the old Kopper Kitchen, is looking really good. When I visited, there was an awesome new wall that had just been completed, made of different shades of pallet wood, interspersed with two chalkboards, where the beers and their descriptions will be. There will be tons of space for sitting and enjoying the signature small-batch beers, made only with local ingredients. 

The structure for the large bar was already in place and fans and downtowners will be able to see the beer actually being concocted, right from the sidewalk of 5th Street, next door to the bar. They’re hoping that construction, which is moving efficiently along, by LMI Builders, will be finished soon and they hope to open in mid-September. A restaurant serving high quality, all-organic burgers and the like at reasonable prices will be hopefully opening in early 2014. 

I got the feeling and they assured me that Small Batch Beer Co. is not going to be your standard brewery; “every time you come in, it will be a different experience and there will be something for everyone.”

We wish our new neighbors all the best and welcome them to Downtown!



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