Monday, May 9, 2016

757 North Begins Construction in Goler Heights

More residential development is underway in Goler Heights.  Construction recently started on 757 North, a new 115 unit apartment complex that also has workforce housing included in its pricing.  A news article written by Wake Forest student Caroline Green in Heard it Here, an online project covering downtown Winston-Salem, titled, "Plans for Workforce Housing and Healthy Food Downtown", dated November 19, 2015 describes the project in greater detail and can be viewed by clicking here -

The rendering below was found at the architect's website - Link to Neighboring Concepts (Design Firm) web page for 757 North -

Rendered Elevation of 757 North

Construction progress as of May 3, 2016 - looking SE from Patterson and Dr. MLK Jr. Ave.

Looking North from South End of Site just north of Downtown Mudpies East 

Finally, I want to share the recent Winston-Salem Journal's editorial board piece published on May 6, 2016 -

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