Monday, February 12, 2018

Preferred Parking Reopens Parking Deck on Poplar Street just north of 4th Street

Downtown Winston-Salem is experiencing growth.  With that growth, we are seeing new developments and new visitors coming to downtown.  Typically, folks will try to park on the street, however, this elusive on-street parking space may not be available or you may not have the time to find it. 

A new parking resource is now available to you for parking right in the middle of downtown.  It is managed by Preferred Parking which has a strong presence in Uptown Charlotte and it does include their automated payment systems, which I was impressed with due to the simplicity of its use.  The call button rang directly to the local manager's cell phone. 

Another thing to share with folks is that the parking deck has a $40 monthly parking rate, which is very competitive with other nearby parking decks.  If you want to sign up for parking, here is the link to do so -

This parking deck has well over 700 new parking spaces available and will be the parking for the residential apartments when they are built on Fourth Street between Spruce and Poplar, and other office tenants in the adjacent buildings. 

Finally, few topics engage folks quite like parking availability.  It will take time for people to consider parking in decks, however, this same process has happened in many other cities and it is a clear sign of the progress that is taking place in downtown Winston-Salem. 

Please help us spread the word about this new parking resource.  The new manager is Luke Phoutinian and he can be reached at

Parking Deck Reopens at 4th and Poplar, just north of 4th Street

New Automated Money Collection Systems.  They looked very straight forward to use.

Floors had existing signage already that clearly denotes each floor based upon a different color and musical instrument.

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