Friday, May 8, 2020

Downtown Clean Team Update

The Downtown Clean Team has been busy as always over the last few weeks keeping downtown clean.  I have been informed by the Clean Team members that there is still considerable trash to pick up daily, regardless of the number of visitors.  The Clean Team has recently completed power washing Fourth Street.  Below if a photo of the typical before and after impact of their power washing.  We are very grateful to our Clean Team and appreciate their hard work.  The Clean Team members tells me frequently that downtown pedestrians frequently stop and thank them for the fine job that they are doing.  That is very nice to hear, and well deserved.  If you have a job for the Clean Team, you can click here to file a Clean Team Request for Service, they will respond as quickly as posssible -

We are very grateful to our Clean Team and for the hard work that they are doing every day!

The Clean Team has been very active on the power washer during the past few weeks  (File photo from Fall 2019).
Notice the difference the high pressure washer makes on the sidewalk.  

The Landscape Beds are in bloom on Fourth Street.  We expect flower baskets to be delivered in June on Trade Street and Fourth Street.

Removing the grates and ensuring the sidewalks drain on Fourth Street.  This happens several times a year. (File photo from earlier in February 2020)

Graffiti is removed from private property along public right of way (before)
After photo with the graffiti removied

Pet Waste Stations have to be serviced, emptying receptacle and adding more bags..  

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