Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twin City Quarter Announces 4th Annual Bed Race Competition

The Embassy Suites Hotel and Marriott Hotel in downtown Winston-Salem have announced the 4th annual bed race between the two hotels will take place tomorrow, September 16 at 10:00 am on Cherry Street.

To celebrate International Housekeeping Week, Managers of each hotel will ride on a bed and race each other from the intersection of Fourth and Cherry Streets to the Fifth and Cherry Street intersection. Hotel Managers will be pushed in beds with wheels by executive management members while being cheered on by over sixty housekeepers from both hotels along with over one hundred other departmental staff and management.

Beds will race down Cherry Street and stop at the entrance to the Embassy Suites. Each rider will be served a full breakfast on a room service tray by hotel chefs. Once the riders have finished eating, their team will finish racing the bed to the finish line at the intersection of Cherry and Fifth Streets.

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Dingo8 Mbabee said...

I hear there might be a few surprises in the race this year!!! It's a must see!!!