Sunday, August 8, 2010

Very Active Weekend in Downtown Winston-Salem

Here are some, but certainly not all of the sights in downtown Winston-Salem this past weekend.

Eric Essix performs at Downtown Jazz on Friday Night in Corpening Plaza.

This was a large square dancing group at the intersection of 6th and Trade in downtown Winston-Salem during the Gallery Hop

This nice person, who along with several friends, provided Hugs to anyone who might want one during the Gallery Hop. The group was not affiliated with any formal organization (at least this is what they told me) and it was not part of any organized effort.

Artists on Liberty Street had "The Lubricators" perform, had a "bounce house" for the children, and a majician who performed tricks for the kids.

The Community Arts Cafe closed off Fourth Street between Marshall and Spruce on Friday night and had this band perform.

Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets performed at Saturday nights Summer on Trade.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was screened at the Movies at the Greenspot on Sunday night.

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