Friday, October 29, 2010

Downtown Newspaper Re-launch Party!

Join the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership and the W-S Journal for a party! We are celebrating a complete redesign and new roll out of the Downtown, Heart of Winston-Salem Newspaper and YOU are invited.

We will be having a great time at Caffe Prada at the corner of 4th & Broad Streets on Thursday, Nov. 4th. There will be plenty of door prizes and the first 50 attendees receive a complimentary drink ticket!!!*

Come hang out and celebrate with us as the all new downtown newspaper makes it debut for the November edition.

See you downtown! Click here to RSVP on Facebook page.

*(must be 21+ years of age to receive drink ticket)


Anonymous said...

I sure hope they don't chop it down like that butcher job they did to "Relish" which went from 40 to 24 pages. Even the page size is smaller. It's awful! No LOCAL music or film reviews, no "News of the Weird", no comics. It looks like a small town high school publication. Look at YES!Weekly's 64-80 pages! Why is a publication from GREENSBORO easier to find in Downtown W-S than the Journal? Why is Greensboro's alternative press kicking the butt of the City of the Arts? Do we even HAVE an alternative press here?
As for DTWS News, I'd like to see more in-depth articles and far less space-wasting graphics. Bring back "From Our Past" and mix up the writers. Some issues seem to come from a single pen. Report closings as well as openings, failures next to successes. How about Letters to the Editor and guest editorials? How about the voice of the anti-downtown naysayers that seem so plentiful here? How about finding someone BASED IN DOWNTOWN to print your paper, not affiliated with out-of-state corporate entities such as Media General of Richmond VA, which has devastated print media employment here? I'd love to read more from Ed Bumgardner and Kim Underwood....what better place than a new and improved DTWS News?

Jason Thiel - Downtown Winston-Salem Blog said...

The new Downtown Paper is going to be very well done and there is a great team of people working on it. I look forward to the positive reactions from people when they see it.

Anonymous said...

Keep looking. I hate to shatter your hopes, but the "new" Downtown publication is exactly what I expected. SMALLER pages, for one. (I am looking at your July, 2009 issue for comparison.) The grade of newsprint even seems flimsier and the cover "design" has smaller print and the most basic, simplistic layout when compared to the vibrant, off-center cover of Jul.'09. Your heart logo now appears on 4 of the eleven pages, two of which are all advertisements.

What has not changed apparently is the ratio of graphic space to copy space. So much ink! So little to read.

The Guide on page 9 IS too little to read. Compare to earlier editions.

Page 2 reads like a Chamber of Commerce brochure. How about a real editorial? How about Letters from Readers? Why are the names of the entire DWSP listed but not your writers?

...or should I say, "writer". In this case, one Ryan Jones who is credited with the remaining, count 'em, 3 featurettes. Might he have also written the uncredited briefs on page 3 as well? And why have you removed "Looking Back"? Were historic views of the city that overwhelmingly unpopular?

Cut the cord to the Journal.Team up with the YES! crowd or local talent that can present a more thoughtful and in-depth chronicle of Downtown Winston-Salem. Something with NEWS and not just hype and self-boosterism. The big news I heard all month was about the closing of The Grilled Asparagus. How could this fail to qualify as your journalistic turf? Where's the coverage?

Should you choose to shrivel away with the Journal, I'd recommend a merge with Relish once a month. Meanwhile, Downtown Winston-Salem remains in dire need of creative, independent alternative publications to tell the story of its place and its people. The good, the bad, and the great.

Jason Thiel - Downtown Winston-Salem Blog said...

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Caffe Prada. It was a great event and the new publication looks great. I appreciate everyone's effort for making it happen.