Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I think not!

In the past few months, Winston-Salem has been named in several news outlets and rankings as a great place to live.  This has certainly been positive for Winston-Salem and downtown, however, I think we all yearn to raise the bar again. 

As we look for inspiration in our efforts, I want to share with you the recent story of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In early 2011, Newsweek listed Grand Rapids as one of America's dying cities.  The city mobilized and forced Newsweek to retract its statement publicly.  Success indeed. 

I became aware of this at the recent International Downtown Association conference where their downtown association won the President's Award, the highest honor for their work on a unique LipDub Video Project. 

For background, here is a link to their powerpoint presenation to the IDA jurors. 

Below is the video that they produced.   

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