Monday, August 27, 2012

Downtown Winston-Salem Blog Update

I want to thank all of the readers of the blog over the past few years!  When I started the blog, I focused on a wide variety of downtown related content.  Over the years,  I have received feedback that many of the most popular posts were about storefront openings, development projects, and expansions or changes in existing businesses (which is confirmed by the web traffic).  Additionally, I find this is where my passion for writing exists and with an ever increasing limitation on my time, I have decided to rededicate the blog to more in-depth exclusive coverage of the above mentioned topics. 

What this will mean is that the blog posts will become more infrequent, however, they will become more involved with in-depth information along with photos and other reference materials related to downtown development projects, storefront activity, and business expansions or changes. 

A final positive is that this new format will reinforce our other media outlets such as our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Page, and the City of the Arts Event Calendar on other downtown related information. 

Thank you to our readers and I look forward to many more future blog posts.

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