Thursday, August 30, 2012

Piedmont Club Update

What the finished Grille will look like when it is complete

I am copying and pasting an email sent yesterday from Peter Grzan, the General Manager of the Piedmont Club. 

Good morning Piedmont Club Members,

First, I want to thank everyone for their patience through the renovation process. I know that we have had to shuffle things around, but generally speaking we have been able to keep things relatively open and operational. We are five weeks away from our grand reopening event on September 28. Here is an update on our progress:

Phase One: the Member lobby has moved along and we are scheduled to have it back and open during Labor Day week. Our new coffee bar/hospitality station is in place and tile has been laid down on the floor in front of it. All of the carpet is installed in both the lobby/lounge and the two touchdown rooms. A great deal of the mill work has been completed. We are waiting for the ceiling tile to be delivered and installed. The AV equipment is set to be installed on August 31.

Phase Two: the Grill is still just a shell, but an outline of the bar is on the floor, plumbing drains have been installed and most of the framing out around the room is complete. We are on schedule to have the construction complete on September 21 and furniture (bar stools and cocktail tables) delivered and in place on Monday September 24.

Phase Three: The reception lobby will have new wall coverings, ceiling tiles and furniture in place and complete by September 21. The "entrance" to the club will be much more current and inviting.

I appreciate all of the support through the years that has helped us reach this wonderful time in our history. We were able to accomplish all of this without any assessments being required from our Members. This is going to be something that everyone, both Members and staff, will be proud of and will want to show off to their friends, family and business associates. Come join in the fun.

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