Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Artisan" looking to open around November 9th

A very popular question that I have been getting asked is when is this new restaurant going to open.  I had the opportunity to visit this afternoon with the "Artisan" team.
Owner Greg Carlyle and Executive Chef Kevin Riddick.  Kevin is from Winston-Salem, but moved to California in his younger years where he started his career in the culinary world.  He moved back to Winston-Salem where he was the Chef at Diamondback before becoming the Chef for the Millennium Center Catering Group about a year and half ago. 

Greg mentioned that they are targeting to open on Friday, November 9th.  During the conversation, I noticed that he referred to the restaurant as "Artisan" - which when you look at the menu, that word is in a much larger font.  They included the word Millennium so that people would understand that the Millennium Center and "Artisan" are linked together.

The final touches are being put in place.  This photo is from the back of the restaurant with the traffic along Cherry Street travelling northbound is visible from the windows. 


Unknown said...

Millennium Artisan Restaurant will be opening the following Friday, November 16th. We are looking forward to a great turn out.

carol said...

i've just returned from a truly sensational dinner at Millennium Artisan Restaurant. The staff is attentive and wonderful, and the food is genuinely special, beautifully and unusually prepared, and fabulicious. So excited to be living in the Nissen and having this terrific spot right downstairs!