Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winston Factory Lofts Phase 2 Update

I went by the Winston Factory Lofts Phase 2 today which are scheduled to open in the Summer of 2013.  Lots of progress.  Here are some links to previous blog posts and some new photos as well as a link if you want more info about availability at Phase 2.

Previous posts on the Winston Factory Lofts Phase 2

March 15, 2012 -

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Photos taken today - October 31, 2012 - From the exterior

From 6th Street looking east at the Western Side of the Building.  You can see that some of the windows that were removed are now being reinstalled.  They retained the existing windows and had them repaired and are now reinstalling them.

You can see the interior of the buidlding being framed out into seperate lofts inside. 
Also, if you want to be put on the Winston Factory Lofts Email list as an interested renter, click here
They also have a cool video.
Link to the Winston-Factory Lofts Website

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